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Experts in: Plasma etching and cleaning

Moisan, Michel

MOISAN, Michel

Professeur émérite

The starting point for my research work is the creation and use of new sources of plasmas sustained by electromagnetic fields (radiofrequency and microwave, jointly referred to as high-frequency (HF) fields) and their modelling. The results obtained, especially in the field of surface electromagnetic waves, have been particularly well received. Some devices for exciting these surface waves, like the surfatron and surfaguide, were initially patented and are now routinely used in fundamental research and industry.

Among the different applications of plasmas that I have studied over the years are polymer etching and deposition, polycrystalline diamond thin film deposition (nanometric scale), and a device for destroying greenhouse gases (e.g. CF4 and SF6) used by microelectronic factories (commercialized by Air Liquide).

My current research deals mainly with the use of plasma (more specifically the flowing N2-O2 mixture post-discharge) to inactivate microorganisms with the goal of highly disinfecting or even sterilizing medical devices. The different aspects required to obtain government approval are now being examined, with a view to transferring the technology to industry.

Areas of expertise

  • Plasmas
  • High-frequency (HF) discharges
  • Surface electromagnetic wave plasmas
  • Modelling of HF discharges
  • Contraction and decontraction of high-pressure discharges
  • Sterilization
  • Disinfection
  • Collisional plasma physics

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Stafford, Luc


Professeur titulaire

Professor Stafford's work aims to set up a new platform devoted to the physicochemistry of cold plasmas highly reactive to atmospheric pressure and their applications to the synthesis and functionalization of materials and nanomaterials.


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