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Experts in: Radiation therapy equipment

Bouchard, Hugo


Professeur agrégé

  • Modeling of radiation transport coupled to magnetic fields by the Monte Carlo method.
  • Characterization of tissues by spectral computed tomography.
  • Small field dosimetry.
  • Simulation of the dosimetric response of detectors.
  • Radiation detectors: ionization chambers, radiochromic film, diodes, scintillator, liquid ionization chamber.

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Carrier, Jean-François

CARRIER, Jean-François

Professeur agrégé

Improvement of radiation oncology treatments. The presences of specialized equipment in the department of radiation oncology (linear accelerators, computed tomography scanner, positron emission tomograph, brachytherapy suites) enables the development of projects which often have direct clinical applications.

Directs a research group of graduate students and interns from the department of physics and École Polytechnique. Students are located in the radiation oncology department in the Hôpital Notre-Dame du CHUM and work regularly with clinical personnel; i.e., clinical physicists, radiation oncologists, and technologists.


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