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Experts in: Superconductivity

Côté, Michel

CÔTÉ, Michel

Professeur titulaire

My research activities focus on the application of quantum mechanics for calculating material properties. I am interested in several fields, but at present I am concentrating on developing new organic materials for photovoltaic applications, understanding high-temperature superconductor properties using the ab initio approach, and studying nanomaterials such as nanotubes.

I use a theoretical approach that calls on supercomputer capacities to simulate the materials studied. These methods are on the cutting edge of recent developments, like density-functional theory and methods based on Green's function.


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Silva, Carlos

SILVA, Carlos

Professeur titulaire

  • Time-resolved optical probes of electronic processes in organic semiconductors
  • Supramolecular approach to organic electronics
  • Photophysics of pi-conjugated materials

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