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Radiation therapy is a common treatment for cancer, aiming to maximize tumour cell kill while limiting healthy tissue radiation exposure....


Thermal transport study in the Kitaev spin liquid candidate RuCl3
Abstract: The success of non-thermal plasmas in a broad range of applications lies in their high reactivity at non-equilibrium conditions [1]. New...
Spontaneous non-equilibrium magnetism via 'Berryogenesis' in driven electronic systems
Phonon Magnetochiral Effect of Band-Geometric Origin in Weyl Semimetals
High-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM [1]) is a powerful technique that provides dynamic movies of biomolecules at work. HS-AFM has the notable...
Single-, few-, and many-photon physics in mesoscopic atomic chains - Ana Asenjo Garcia
Études sur l’interaction des particules quantiques avec la gravitation
Controlling Non-thermal Plasmas in Contact with Liquids
Diffusion diffusive, diffusion anormale, vieillissement et autres surprises.
Predictive theoretical modeling of electro-thermal transport